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Our tutors will provide personalised tutoring in line with the needs of your child and their 11+ entrance exam, helping to support their learning and development and building confidence along the way.

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What is the 11+?

The 11+, or 11 plus, is a selective entrance examination for Secondary School, taken towards the end of Year 5 or the beginning of Year 6 of Primary School. It is used by both state-funded grammar schools and many private schools to determine admission.

The exam specifically tests your child’s ability to think critically, respond to instructions and work under time pressure, based on four key components: English, Maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Although the content of the English and Maths tests tend to follow the National Curriculum, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning are not subjects that are taught as part of the curriculum in state primary schools.

Many parents opt for 12 months of preparation, choosing to explore options the January before their child sits the 11+ in order to build skills and familiarity with question types.

The benefit of building these skills for the 11+ exam will also be enjoyed more broadly as part of your child’s general progress, confidence, and self-awareness.

How we can help

The 11+ exams have an extremely specific style and many parents choose to begin preparation for the exams when their children are in Year 4 to ensure their child has the very best understanding of the exam requirements to secure them a place in their chosen Grammar School and out online tutors can help in this process.

In English, skills focus on comprehension, composition and grammar. Our experienced 11+ tutors will work with your child to practice their skills in building vocabulary, forming opinions, strengthening oral skills, and enhancing language development including narrative and discursive writing, as well as improving spelling, punctuation and other grammatical concepts.

For the Maths component, skills focus on knowledge base and problem-solving. Understanding the curriculum basics and beginning to develop beyond them is key to preparation, our tutors focus on this along with practising core techniques and topics.

Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning are not covered in all schools. If this is the case for your child, then our tutors will familiarise them with the question types before the day of the test so that your child can compete on balance against children who have practised these question types in school.

Our tutors will provide personalised tutoring in line with the needs of your child and their 11+ entrance exam, helping to support their learning and development and building confidence along the way.

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