Science tutoring

Children are born with a natural curiosity. Harnessing and encouraging that curiosity is what our Science tutors will strive to achieve for your child.

Science provides a fundamental understanding of why things occur and what causes behaviours. It leads children to explore problems as well as learn why science is important in the wider world. Yet the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science can be complex. Students need to be familiar with technical language. They must also learn how to build their understanding of big ideas – encapsulating Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as comprehend precise methodologies and enquiries.

Extra support in Science can help your child grasp certain areas or modules of difficulty with greater ease. Our tutors will work with your child in advance to understand any areas of confusion or anxiety. They will structure learning around these elements in their sessions to help your child make sense of the topic and to build their confidence – and willingness to learn – moving forwards.

We take pride in matching your child with an age-appropriate tutor who will make learning fun and engaging.

All of our tutoring sessions provide customised learning, tailored to each child and their needs.

science tutoring


Mastering Physics begins with acquiring skills and building a strong foundation. The challenge to understanding Physics involves grasping various theories, formulas and calculations and applying Maths to solve problems. Topics include the basic principles of Physics, including energy, matter, space physics, atomic structure and particle model of matter. Our subject specialist tutors are able to work through examples, deepen understanding, and provide opportunities to identify and secure gaps in knowledge through an approach best suited to your child’s learning style.


Chemistry is a conceptual subject, and as such, it is important to understand the core fundamentals well. Whether that involves states of matter, materials, Earth and the atmosphere, atomic structure, chemical equations or a different topic, our expert tutors will work to understand your child’s areas for improvement, enrich understanding, and boost their confidence.


Biology is the study of living organisms and the environment. It involves the application of knowledge and logic to solve scientific problems. Topics include human reproduction, health, nutrition and diet, plant biology, cell biology and ecology. Our tutors encourage learners to develop confidence by helping them recognise and understand key terms and concepts, working through examples, and providing reassurance and guidance for independent learning.

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Tutor 1
Tutor 1
Douglas Napolitano-Cremin

Years 7-11 certified iconQualified Teacher

I am an experienced Science teacher and tutor and have worked in education for the last 14 years. I believe in forming positive relationships with my pupils and personalising learning so that pupils can achieve success.

Tutor 1
Tutor 1
Ben Abbott

Years 5-11 certified iconQualified Teacher

I have been a Science teacher for ten years and a police officer for around ten years prior to that. I have taught all ages of Secondary school from Key Stage 3, through GCSE to A-Level.


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