Allison Highton

Years 3-6

Outdoors explorer

Russell Group

More about me.

I am a qualified Primary School teacher keen to ignite a passion for reading and learning in every child:

• 25 years experience

• Nursery – Year 8

• State and independent school experience

As a teacher, I love seeing the moment when all the ducks are aligned. I will never tire of celebrating the phrase, “I get it”. I endeavour to tailor my lessons to the individual’s needs and interests whether that be horses, football or Taylor Swift! I seek to enable children to become risk-takers, courageous enough to ask questions. I encourage self-advocacy in my students and we will discuss how previous setbacks and failures can provide a way forward. I will reassure them that they don’t have to hold everything in their heads and will inject some fun as we look at creative activities and phrases to remember key pieces of information – three times tables to the soundtrack of Uptown Funk anyone?

In my last role, I developed and delivered a Study Support curriculum for students with dyslexia and helped one student increase their reading age by over six years. I have also worked with students diagnosed with ASD and dyspraxia.

I thoroughly love learning myself and seek to keep up to date with the latest research and technology. I have worked with the Open University taking part in a research project looking at how technology will impact reading in schools and was part of a project focused on developing children’s communication skills.

Over the past 18 months, I have built my online teaching skills and have managed to develop a relaxed and mutually respectful online learning environment through Microsoft Teams. The best thing about online learning is that you can incorporate the unexpected into your lessons: the pet dog jumping onto the sofa in the background can provide wonderful inspiration for a session on powerful adjectives!

I am more than happy to share a student’s hobby and use this and their environment to facilitate learning. As we break down a task into small manageable steps, I hope to enable students not only to complete set work but smash a challenge. When marking we will of course look for the correct answers but also praise how they approached the tasks, how they organised themselves and journeyed through the steps. Hopefully, then they will see the benefit of showing your working out and have a knowledge growth spurt!

25 + years experience Support for Dyslexia Highly personalised lessons

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