Carla Jayne Nicholls

Years 3-6

Rabbit Mummy

More about me.

Putting the amount of passion I have for supporting pupils to achieve their best into words is quite a challenge! The truth be told, I love teaching. I enjoy everything about my career but the most important part of my job is, and will always remain, the children I work with. I firmly believe that every child has the right to feel valued, supported and encouraged to be the best they possibly can be.

I am very creative in my work, continuously looking for new and interesting ways to motivate pupils. I often draw upon my own creative education in photography, broadcasting and art to help support lessons in new and exciting ways. I have 13 amazing years of teaching behind me and currently work at Downsend School. I am a friendly, polite, and courteous individual with good communication skills and high expectations. I have an outgoing personality and I would like to think that the pupils I have worked with, would describe me as kind, caring and fun.

Learning, in my opinion, needs to be relevant and fun. In order to engage with the pupils I teach, I like to tap into my pupil’s hobbies and interests. I can tailor the lesson to suit your child taking the lesson at a pace that suits them. I often use my own creative experiences to help communicate a concept.

13 years experience Creative education Passion for teaching

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