Claire Jackson

Years 3-6

11+ Preparation

11+ Prep

More about me.

I am an experienced teacher with a love of learning. Sharing knowledge is my passion and I use this to inspire children to meet and surpass their potential. Adapting my approach to suit the learner is key to my success as constant assessment ensures a child is supported and challenged.

I currently teach at Cumnor House Boys School in a variety of roles including as part of the SEN/EAL team and I have worked with children with diverse needs including Dyslexia and Autism throughout my career.

As an avid gardener, I am familiar with overcoming challenges and the need to be resilient rather than resistant to mistakes. As a teacher and tutor, I encourage the same attributes in my students.

I use online tools to enable a more personal dialogue with students. I use the screen as a window through which I can show each child how to improve their own learning and encourage them to extend themselves using a wide variety of resources such as video clips and online games. This speaks to young people in a way that is familiar to them and allows them to use technology in an engaging and useful manner.

SEND/EAL team Experienced with Dyslexia and Autism Experienced teacher

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