Fiona Ritson

Years 7-11

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I place a high value on success: every child has the right to a quality education so they go on to lead full lives. However, now more than ever, education is more than learning a list of facts. By offering students the opportunities to explore the world around them, I want to empower students to build a future based on equality, responsibility and respect. I want to help all young adults achieve their full potential.

I am Academic Lead and Head of English at a private independent school, clocking up over 20 years in education in various schools. I am also an exam marker for two exam boards and write blogs for students and teachers. On top of this, I co-run TeamEnglish on Twitter with over 35k followers, and have written for teaching magazines such as TES and Teach Secondary.

I feel my teaching style is flexible enough to suit all learners but falls into a learner-centred approach. I believe the learner is also an important resource because they too know something and are, therefore, capable of sharing something. I mostly rely on the texts we are reading, however, I also use various platforms to aid learning for example YouTube, multiple-choice questioning etc.

20 years experience Head of English Published in TES

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