Julie Thomas

Years 3-6


Russell Group

More about me.

I am a friendly and enthusiastic primary practitioner with 13 years of experience teaching across KS2 in both the state and independent sectors including entrance exam preparation. As a languages graduate, I have a passion for linguistics and understanding the nuances of language, vocabulary acquisition and grammar. I am invested in instilling a growth mindset in my students, enabling them to build confidence, stretch themselves, take on challenges and to fulfil their potential. I aim to make learning fun, engaging and interactive and tailor the content and delivery of my lessons to suit the needs of each individual learner.

Incorporating the latest EdTech, my online sessions are interactive and include a range of tasks and quizzes to engage, challenge and motivate the learners. I aim to promote reflective learning by establishing an open and welcoming online classroom where children are encouraged to ask questions, explain their thinking and talk through any misconceptions in a safe and positive environment.

13+ years experience Incorporates latest EdTech Personalised learning

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One to One online tutoring

£55 per week which includes:

  • A 1 hour session with a qualified teacher

  • Unlimited access to an intelligent learning platform, delivered in partnership with CENTURY

  • Feedback and follow up work after every session

  • Access to your tutor between sessions via chat

FREE first session

No commitment, no cost

  • Meet the tutor

  • Discuss your child's needs

  • Sample how sessions work

  • Ask any questions

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