Karen Shardlow

Years 5-9


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I am a fun-loving, warm and friendly English tutor. I have taught English to children from Year 5 to Year 13 as well as foreign students as a second language. I worked for some years in Italy teaching English to Italian naval officers.

I am very passionate about the subject and have been teaching for many years. English is not one thing – it is a subject consisting of many strands – eg reading and writing, analysing and evaluating, and all the elements within that. I love all these aspects of English teaching and enjoy exploring the themes and characters within the pages of a book as much as writing a creative story but, more importantly, I love teaching these skills to children and seeing the expression on their faces when they produce work they can be proud of. I try to mix up the tasks to ensure students remain engaged and give them the opportunity to use all the skills based on one topic.

Taught internationally Highly experienced Taught English as a second language

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