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More about me.

I have been a primary teacher for over 21 years, during which time I have taught all year groups from Early Years to Year 6. Since 2015, I have also worked as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), supporting pupils (and their parents and teachers) with a range of special needs.

I have always had a deep love of reading and writing, leading me to write and self-publish my own book, as well as set up a website, promoting improving mental health through the power of happiness.

The foundation of my teaching has always been built on the positive relationships I have with my pupils. If a pupil likes their teacher, they are likely to thrive. Every pupil is different and online tuition has the benefit of enabling me to get to know each of my pupils well so that I can adapt my teaching to meet their precise academic and emotional needs. I have high expectations of myself as a tutor as well as of my pupils. I encourage all my pupils to try their best and to celebrate their achievements to motivate them further and encourage a love of learning. When a pupil says, “Oh, I get it now,” that is music to my ears!

20+ years experience Special Educational Needs Coordinator Author

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One to One online tutoring

£55 per week which includes:

  • A 1 hour session with a qualified teacher

  • Unlimited access to an intelligent learning platform, delivered in partnership with CENTURY

  • Feedback and follow up work after every session

  • Access to your tutor between sessions via chat

FREE first session

No commitment, no cost

  • Meet the tutor

  • Discuss your child's needs

  • Sample how sessions work

  • Ask any questions

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